Creative Movement

Kalusion’s Creative Movement Class is dedicated to our youngest preschool movers. This class infuses ballet technique with creative dance and tumbling activities.

What are the benefits of dance for preschoolers?

1. Physical health – not only do preschoolers have an opportunity to develop coordination,aof-mini-moves-performance flexibility, and strength, they also develop a love of movement from an early age.

2. Social opportunities – preschoolers have an opportunity to interact in a different setting, and learn to work as a group. They also develop a comfort of performing in front of others.

3. Self-expression – many preschoolers don’t know how to put their feelings into words yet, but they can dance them out. This gives them a great outlet to express themselves without getting frustrated.

4. Cognitive skills – preschoolers learn and remember dance sequences, as well as learn dance terminology.

5. Confidence – learning dance steps allows preschoolers to feel accomplished, and comfortable in their own bodies.