About Us


Kalusion’s Mini Moves classes offer professional instruction that focus on fun!

Our Martial Arts, Dance, Musical Theatre, and Creative Movement classes not only offer children an opportunity for kinesthetic  learning allowing them to develop spatial awareness, body comfort, and coordination; the classes also teach discipline, creativity, expression, teamwork, cooperation, confidence, focus, and so much more. It’s an invaluable experience for children of all ages and developmental levels. We are often inspired by the accomplishments of children in our classes, and have endeavored to use our skills to offer these fun and educational opportunities at preschools, elementary, and middle schools in the Raleigh, NC area.

We offer many years of experience (too many to admit) working with children in these disciplines.

honey-profileOur Martial Arts classes are taught by Master Shahram Ghalikar, an 8th degree black belt in Hapkido and Tai Chi, which he has been studying for over 30 years. His main training was under Late Grand master Pak In Suk (Tae Joo Nim) and Grand Master Hwang. He has traveled the world to advance his knowledge, and spent time learning in Holland, Canada, India and Himalayas. In addition to Hap Ki Do, and Tai Chi,  Master Shahram studied several other arts including Kick boxing, Qigong, Northern Shaolin, and Jujitsu.

He has trained all ages in a multitude of settings (dojo, law enforcement centers, schools, military bases, retirement facilities, and educational co-operatives).

Master Shahram loves sharing his knowledge with others to positively impact their health and harmony, and is excited to bring his expertise to Raleigh, NC.

HeadShots(142of156).jpgOur Dance, Musical Theatre, and Creative Movement classes are taught by Ms. Lua (Kaluwa Ghalikar), an award winning dance teacher and choreographer and certified health and movement coach. Ms. Kaluwa has been dancing since she could walk. She performed and put on community productions with the Terpsichorean Dance Co, but realized her love of dance was even more fulfilled in teaching others the gift of movement and how to use it for expression. In addition to her work with children, Kaluwa has developed a therapeutic dance movement and coaching program to support the superwoman moms. Learn more about Kalusion Health & Harmony at www.kalusion.com

Ms. Kaluwa is honored to guide students through not only the techniques of dance and movement, but also the emotion and expression of dance while encouraging the development of confidence, health, and harmony.